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Trip X-2 : Jungle Trail

Trip X2 is ATV driving for 2 hours This route is a little bit longer and more difficult than trip X1. This program is soft adventure for family fun and non exprerienced people. We will take you through 20 km of jungle excursion.

This is easy-moderate ATV driving program for 2 hr. that set up for soft adventure finder, Family fun, women, Children and non-experienced, which is a little bit harder than X-1 program. We will take you through 20 km. of jungle trail.

20KM   2HRS


The Peak Adventure Tour run the ATV program at Huay Tung Tao (Chiang Mai Lake) that is one of the King Rama ninth Projects. The lake is surrounded by mountains and overwhelming of nature. This place is located at the foothill of Doi Suthep. So, in during you are driving the ATV you are going to get fun and sightseeing in the jungle in the same time.

Tour description

Type: Soft Adventure
Suitable for: Everyone
Speed: Slow
Distance: 10 km
Off-road: 100%
Duration: 1 Hour
Difficulty: Easy

Free transportation from the hotel in old-city Chiang Mai area
**Hotel outside Chiang Mai town need to pay more an additional THB500-1000 depend on the distance

Injury Insurance 1,000,000 THB


Uniform & Protection gears (Full face Helmet, Chest protection, Gloves)


Fixing costs for the ATV damaged

**Customers need to pay extra 500 THB for insurance coverage up to 5,000 THB

Not Allowed:

Pregnant women, Children under 7 years old, and people with heart problems


atv choice 


Morning   Group

Afternoon     Group


08:30-09:00 AM

01:00-01:30 PM

Pick up from your hotel

09:30-10:00 AM

02.00-02.30 PM

Arriving the Peak ATV camp at Huay Tung Tao

Meet ATV staff then pratice how to use the ATV and Let's get some fun in the jungle for 2 hours

12:00 PM

05:00 PM

Return to your hotel






2,200 THB

1,600 THB


1,800 THB

1,300 THB

  *Note :  Child 7-11 years old



What to wear:

You should wear long trousers and no slipper while driving ATV.    We will go into the jungle, you might scratch your legs but it is not dangerous because we also have the protection gear for you. Your safety is our first priority.

What to bring: 

 - Dry cloth for change after trip

 - Towel and Personal Care Products


Who can participate

Everyone except pregnant women, Child below 7 years old and people with heart problems.

How program ATV classify easy and hard route?

We set up easy to difficult by the time period of each program X,-1 X-2 easy X-3, X-4 difficult.

I never try ATV before can I play?

Yes, Of course you can. We will brief you how to control and drive the ATV and then you can practice for a while until you feel familiar with it. But in case that you really cannot drive it you can be a passenger of your friend or our staff.

What about kids?

Yes, Kids can play with us if they are below 7 years old they must be a passenger if they are 7-11 years and can control the ATV so they can drive and also we do have small ATV for kids on our model maximus 125 cc.

What is the difference between Rhino and Blackhawk?

Blackhawk is sport ATV light weight use manual clutch. Rhino is utility more weight no clutch both are 250 cc.

What is the route condition?

It is the small route in the jungle for more hour program we will bring you in deeper and it will be uphill and downhill.

What is the most popular program?

It is X-3 because of low price and half day tour.

I see that you have amphibious?

Yes it is. We have this 8x8 military amphibious for you to play with and we are the only company in Thailand that have these.

Can it jump into the water?

Yes, sure.

About the insurance?

It will be 2 parts. First, for injury insurance we have for all of our customers cover up to 1 million baht

Second, for ATV insurance. We have to set up our own insurance program to help you to save your money in case of an accident.

We have 3 insurance programs

1. 500 baht cover up to 5,000 baht

2. 1,000 baht cover up to 10,000 baht

3. 1,500 baht cover up to 15,000 baht

Importance Information

ATV activities is an adventure program so it may have an accident. The customers have to wear the protection gear on all the time. Also for the damage of insurance customers have to take responsibilities for those damages.

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Location: Chiang Mai, Thailand

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