• Trip X-1 : Jungle Excursion

    Price: 900 Baht.

    X1 X-1 10 km during 1 hour. For the beginner. ATV is one of the activities of The Peak... More detail

  • Trip X-2 : Jungle Trail

    Price: 1,700 Baht.

    Trip X-2 : Jungle Trail X2---- 20 km 2 hours.A bit longer and more difficult. For the beg... More detail

  • Trip X-3 : Triple X

    Price: 2,400 Baht.

    X3 30 km during 3 hours and the slopes are steeper. For advanced drivers and our most popu... More detail

  • Trip X-4 : Extreme

    Price: 3,800 Baht.

    X4 50 km Is a full day tour. At least 5 hours. For the experienced driver. You cannot take... More detail

  • Trip X-5 : Xtreme rain forest safari

    Price: 12,500 Baht.

    X5 300 km of Xtreme Premier League. Two days and one night. For the experienced driver. Yo... More detail

  • Trip X-6 : Top Speed

    Price: 3,000 Baht.

    Program X-6 Top Speed 20-40 km during 1 hours No Fear, Unlimited Speed As fas... More detail

  • Trip X-8 : Amphibious Vehicles

    Price: 1,800 Baht.

    Amphibious 8x8 The peak adventure is proud to present it’s Amphibious 8x8 tour. Th... More detail

  • Trip X-9 :Family Fun

    Price: 3,200 Baht.

    New program ! we will take you on tour which is fun,exciting and adventurous,we combin... More detail

  • Trip I : White Water Rafting

    Price: 0 Baht.

    Maetang River runs north of Chiangmai and offers the full spectrum of emotion. The journey... More detail

  • Trip A : Crazy House

    Price: 0 Baht.

    "Crazy Horse" Buttress, one of the most challenging and celebrated international climbing ... More detail

  • Trip B : Kewlom, Lampang

    Price: 0 Baht.

    Need to get away nad back to the simplest forms of nature? This 2 or 3 day trip is for you... More detail

  • Trip E : 1 - 3 Days Course

    Price: 0 Baht.

    This unique series of classes were designed specifically to allow for all levels of experi... More detail

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